Unlike my opponent Sarah Grace and many other city officials, I don’t believe we will successfully shrink our city’s carbon footprint by publicly subsidizing the construction of new luxury housing developments, or by changing parking regulations to make life more difficult for students and working class renters, or by making it easier to convert single family occupied homes into rental properties so that more city workers are priced outside of city limits and left with no alternative but to drive to work.

Instead, if elected to Council, I will introduce and support legislation that does the following —

  • Replaces the blanket 24-hour parking rule (which the city selectively enforces against low income renters and students) with a sensible neighborhood parking permit system that will prevent storage parking and eliminate all of the emissions that come from people needing to start their vehicles every day and drive to find a new spot, only to avoid a ticket.
  • Incorporates into our housing code insulation and weatherization requirements to make rental housing safer and more energy efficient, thereby improving public health and resident quality of life, while also dramatically reducing our city’s carbon footprint and tenants’ utility bills all at the same time.
  • Makes Athens safer for pedestrian travel, and more accessible to people with disabilities, by enforcing our city code’s requirements for sidewalk maintenance.
  • Expands public transit within our city and between our city and outlying areas of the county.
  • Expands our city’s use of renewable energy.
  • Adds more bicycle racks along city streets.
  • Makes offsetting the carbon costs of increased local tourism a component of any new legislation intended to increase local tourism.

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