People with Disabilities

The formerly widespread practice of Athens city landlords refusing to rent to tenants receiving public rent assistance (such as HUD housing choice vouchers) — known as “source of income discrimination”– harmed disabled people most of all, since 82% of HUD voucher recipients in Athens County are people with disabilities. I spent two years pushing Athens City Council to ban source of income discrimination– from my 2019 mayoral campaign, to my work in Athens County Tenants from 2020 to the present, and on my own– while my opponent Sarah Grace and her ally Chris Fahl were opposing an SOID ban as late as this March. My victory (alongside many other housing local justice activists) in finally getting Council to pass an SOID ban this June was an important local victory for people with disabilities. But there is much more work to be done.

The deplorable state of many city sidewalks (and the frequent absence of sidewalks) is hazardous for all residents and enlarges our city’s carbon footprint by forcing us to be more reliant on automobiles, but it is particularly detrimental to people in wheelchairs, and our city has a long way to go to increase ADA compliance in a myriad of areas.

I am committed to making Athens a more just and equitable community. An integral part of that is making Athens more accessible to residents and visitors with disabilities.

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