My Agenda

Athens candidates usually don’t say much. They want us to trust them to make the right call, but they won’t tell us what they’ll do if elected. That makes it hard for us to make informed decisions and hold politicians accountable. I think that’s the point.

But I believe in democracy, so I present a clear agenda of what I intend to accomplish. That way you’ll have the power to make an informed choice, even if you end up not choosing me.

Just like when I first ran for office in 2019, this year I’m once again the only candidate in my race to produce a website where I take clear positions on issues and explain how I plan to address those issues if elected. What ties together everything I discuss here is my vision of a more democratic Athens — an Athens where everybody has a real say in how our town works.

To create that kind of Athens, I think we need to

  • reduce our region’s staggering economic inequality
  • crack down on predatory landlords
  • make housing more affordable
  • end unaccountable and racist policing
  • improve public health
  • make city government more accessible and transparent
  • beat back OU’s attack on student civil liberties
  • combat the oppression of women, people of color and LGBT people
  • fight back against growing Republican control of our state and country by better modeling progressive governance and involving OU students in local governance, so that every year we’re sending off into the world several thousand graduating seniors equipped with a knowledge of progressive city policy and experience participating in local governance

As I told the Athens News when I launched my campaign earlier this year,

“One of two things needs to happen to change our local status quo. Either the affluent 10 percent of eligible voters that typically votes in city elections needs to have a change of heart and needs to start voting for a more just and equitable community, or the 90 percent of our community that’s screwed over by the status quo and doesn’t vote needs to step up and start voting for their material interests.

“And ultimately I can’t make either of those things happen. I’m just one person. All I can do is push establishment candidates in a better direction and give people a real social change candidate to vote for.”

With that in mind, I hope you’ll like my agenda. And I hope I’ll win your vote.

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