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“Podcast: Athens Happens- An Interview with Damon Krane” The New Political, 11/30/21

“From Outside Party Lines: Athens independents look to organizing after disparaging remarks, election losses” The Post, 11/18/21

“United Athens County Tenants discuss sexual harassment by landlords” The New Political, 11/17/21

“Tenant advocacy group hosts panel on sexual harassment by landlords” Athens Messenger, 11/17/21

Athens Voice, Athens News, 11/17/21

“Street vendors concerned by increased penalties for violations” Athens News, 11/9/21

“Most incumbents victorious in low turn-out election, with some local upsets” Athens Messenger, 11/3/21

“Unofficial Athens County 2021 General Election results” Athens Messenger, 11/2/21

“2021 General Election Results” The New Political, 11/2/21

“Independent Opinions: Independent candidates offer competition, choice in elections, but are rarely elected” The Post, 11/1/21

“Campbell’s Corner: Why local elections are just as important as national ones” The Post, 11/1/21

Column: “A decade old Facebook post is reflective of Mayor Patterson’s recent hypocrisy” The Post, 10/28/21

ENDORSEMENT: “Krane’s words are backed by his work” Athens News, 10/27/21

ENDORSEMENT: “A vote for Krane is a vote for housing standards” Athens News, 10/27/21

ENDORSEMENT: “Krane for Council” Athens News, 10/27/21

ENDORSEMENTS: Two more in the Athens Voice! – Athens News, 10/2721

“Virjee and Patterson speak candidly at campus event” Athens Messenger, 10/27/21

ENDORSEMENT: “It’s time for an independent city council” New Political, 10/26/21

“Appointed Athens council members respond to being called “tokenized” political pawns by council candidate” WOUB, 10/20/21

Editorial: “Thwarting the press is anti-democratic” Athens News, 10/20/21

“Independents berate Athens mayor at council following leaked GOP meeting audio” Athens News, 10/19/21

“City Council: Body discusses parking and vendors, encounters strong comments from public” The Post, 10/19/21

Letter: “Mayor Patterson can still surprise me” Athens Messenger, 10/13/21

“Republicans leak audio of Patterson bashing progressive independents at private GOP luncheon” Athens News & Athens Messenger, 10/13/21

“Four of five Athens City Council at-large candidates respond to housing inquiry” Athens Messenger, 10/11/21

“Dem candidates for Athens Council miss OU Student Senate voter forum, Dem Chair says absence was ‘not intentional’” Athens News, 10/5/21

“Student Senate hosts City Council at-large candidate forum” New Political, 10/4/21

“OU Student Senate hosts town hall with Athens City Council candidates” The Post, 10/1/21

“Voters Guide: League of Women Voters of Athens County” Athens News, 9/29/21

“League of Women Voters Athens City Council At-Large forum” Athens News, 9/28/21

“League of Women Voters Athens City Council At-Large forum” Athens Messenger, 9/28/21

ENDORSEMENT: “Krane will help city engage with local population” Athens News, 9/22/21

“At-large candidates talk transparency, short term rentals, local policing at forum” New Political, 9/22/21

VIDEO: Athens City Council At-Large Candidates Forum – September 21, 2021

“Athens County League of Women Voters to hold forum for Athens at-large race” Athens Messenger, 9/13/21

“Candidate Forum for Athens City Council-At-Large” Athens News, 9/10/21

“OPINION: Students don’t get a say in Ohio primaries” New Political, 8/27/21

“Athens City Council approves over $91,000 for mandatory racial equity training for city employees” Athens News, 8/3/21

“Elections Board certifies independent candidates for Athens Council race” Athens Messenger, 7/16/21

“Banning discrimination against tenants with HUD vouchers is just the beginning” Athens Post, 6/30/21

“Athens City Council passes ‘source of income discrimination’ ban”
 Athens News, 6/10/21

“Athens Council votes to ban source of income discrimination against tenants” Athens Messenger, 6/9/21

“City Council: Source of income housing discrimination banned, Athens partners with OU for wastewater COVID-19 surveillance” Athens Post, 6/7/21

“Athens City Council Candidate Iris Virjee gives insight on her campaign platform” Athens Post, 6/2/21

“Ohio University LGBT Director appointed to Athens City Council seat” Athens Messenger, 5/28/21

“Ohio University LGBT Center director appointed to Athens City Council” Athens News, 5/27/21

“City Council proposes ban on source of income discrimination be added to city code” Athens Post, 5/19/21

“Athens City Council considers ban on ‘source of income’ discrimination in housing” Athens News, 5/18/21

“City Council: Body passes ordinance to transfer funds, discusses adding source of income discrimination to Athens City code” Athens Post, 5/17/21

“Smiling Skull Saloon bartender, an Independent, enters at-large Athens City Council race” Athens News, 5/17/21

“Athens City Councilmember Beth Clodfelter resigns for regional job with Sen. Sherrod Brown” Athens News, 5/11/21

“Fahl routed in Fourth Ward Democratic Primary; Swank takes 65% of vote” Athens Messenger, 5/5/21

“Swank unseats fourth ward incumbent in sole Athens County primary race” Athens News, 5/4/21

“City Council: Mayor Steve Patterson discusses racial equity, Athens named Bee City USA affiliate” Athens Post, 5/4/21

“It’s always election season in Ohio” New Political, 4/28/21

“Influential Facebook group moderators gatekeep campaign posts from Damon Krane Athens News, 4/26/21

“A look into progressive Athens City Council candidates’ platforms” Athens Post, 4/21/21

“Athens City Council proposes amendment to unlawful discriminatory practices ordinance” New Political, 4/13/21

“City Council: Prevention of discrimination based on income discussed” Athens Post, 4/12/21

“Professed democratic socialist Damon Krane announces at-large Athens City Council bid” Athens Messenger, 4/16/21

“Damon Krane aims to push Democrats further left with City Council bid” Athens News, 4/14/21

“Where have all the leftist candidates gone?” New Political, 4/9/21 & Athens News, 4/14/21 **COLUMN BY KRANE**

“Sheriff says he won’t quit over wife’s social media posts” Athens Messenger, 3/23/21

“Sheriff says he won’t quit over wife’s social media posts” Logan Daily News, 3/20/21

Hocking County sheriff under fire for wife’s comments about insurrection, white pride” Columbus Dispatch, 3/17/21

“Fahl to face primary challenge for Athens City Council” Athens News, 2/5/21

City Council’s racial review of city code to proceed with help of Athens County Foundation”
Athens News, 2/2/21

“Donkey Coffee manager launches City Council bid” Athens News, 1/28/21

“Athens could have its most competitive election season in years, and it would be thanks to Damon Krane” Athens News, 1/25/21

“Councilmember Pete Kotses announces he won’t seek another term” Athens News, 1/15/21

“Athens residents take action to investigate Athens policing” The New Political, 12/22/20

“City Council: New police union contract negotiated, approved to dismay of local activists” Athens Post, 12/22/20

“Fast-tracked police contract approval garners frustration” Athens Messenger, 12-24-20

“City Council renews police union contracts; activists say it was wrongfully fast-tracked”
Athens News, 12/22/20

Press Conference: Athens County Copwatch – 12/15/20

“Athens police chief dismisses activists’ claims of disciplinary police records expungement”
Athens News, 12/8/20

“Athens residents call for police contract to not be renewed” Athens Messenger, 10/27/20

“ARTS/West to get streaming services, Council urged to renegotiate police contract” Athens, Ohio / The Post, 10/19/20

“Housing Authority says HUD and Prokos ‘incompatible’” Athens Messenger, 10/19/20

“Athens County group demands action on past resolution from city leaders” Athens News, 10/7/20

“Demonstrators on Court brigade City Council Zoom meeting, Council deliberates towing restriction” The New Political, 10/6/20

“Athens County Copwatch members criticize city for not following through on investigation into racism in governance” Athens, Ohio / The Post. 10/6/20

“Nelsonville parts ways with officer only hours after hiring” Athens Messenger, 9/8/20

“Another racist cop forced out in Nelsonville” Athens Left Field, 9/7/20

“Nelsonville Police Officer Resigns Over ‘Insensitive’ Facebook Post” WOUB Public Media, 9/6/20

“‘Your Move’ protesters call for city to address police brutality” New Political, 9/1/20

“Athens rallies to end racist practices, support Black lives” Athens Post, 9/1/20

“Athens County Copwatch tracks racial bias in Athens policing” Athens Post, 8/28/20

“Yes, Athens (Ohio) police and politicians are racist, too” Athens News, 7/15/20 **COLUMN BY KRANE**

“Clashes Between ‘Defend The Police’ And ‘Defend Our Community’ End Peacefully” WOUB Public Media, 7/10/20

“City officials say police defunding isn’t planned in Athens” Athens News, 7/8/20

“Defend the Police and BLM rallies take to Uptown,” Athens News, 7/8/20

“Defend the Police and Black Lives Matter groups collide in Uptown Athens” Athens Messenger, 7/7/20

“Protests over policing collide across Court Street” Athens Post, 7/5/20

“Defend the Police and Black Lives Matter groups protest in downtown Athens” Athens Messenger, 7/5/20

“Local Response to COVID-19 highlights health hazards of landlord rule” Athens News, 4/2/20 **COLUMN BY KRANE**

“Five takeaways: Athens mayoral forum with Mayor Patterson, challenger Damon Krane” New Political, 9/25/19

“Athens mayoral forum gets contentious” Athens News, 9/25/19

“2 candidates plan to change rental housing policies in Athens” Athens Post, 9/22/19

“City Dem candidates kick off their campaign” Athens News, 9/18/19

“Swing State of Mind: Athens Mayoral Candidate Damon Krane” Athens Post, 9/9/19

“Mayoral candidate accuses City Council of co-opting housing reform initiative” New Political, 9/4/19

“Athens election challengers: City enables ‘slumlords’ over tenants; City Council proposes law to stiffen fines on
landlords who don’t fix violations of city code after first notice” Athens News, 8/28/19

“Full list of candidates, issues that have filed for November election” Athens Messenger, 8/14/19

“When the Confederate Flag Wasn’t Racist for Me” Athens News, 8/13/19 **COLUMN BY KRANE**

“An independent socialist runs for city council in Athens, Ohio” Socialist Action, 7/27/19

“Indy candidates swim against the established stream” Athens News, 6/26/19

“McGee decides to run for re-election to City Council after all” Athens News, 5/1/19

“Responding to opponent’s criticism, mayor dishes out bad info” Athens News, 3/31/19

“Challenger questions mayor’s code enforcement numbers; Mayor Patterson seeks to explain figures in face of
Krane’s criticism” Athens News, 3/31/19

“OU alum running for council as declared socialist” Athens News, 3/10/19

“Candidate comes forward to challenge Athens mayor” Athens News, 3/6/19

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